*Apples have existed since the length of recorded history and 
             believed to have been known as far back as ancient Rome. 
            *The oldest apple variety still grown today, The Lady of Api, is 
             dated back to the first century A.D.

            *Newton used the fall of the apple to illustrate the pull of 

            *Apples are not native to the United States, but were brought here 
             by early European settlers.  The first orchard was planted in 1625 
             by William Blackstone on Boston’s Beacon Hill.  This orchard still 

            *The native apple of the United States is the “crabapple”.

            *John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) traveled throughout planting 
             orchards in his lifetime.  He obtained his apple seeds from 
             orchards that processed apple cider.

            *The Red Delicious is the most popular variety of apples grown in 
             the United States.

            *There are more than 7,500 varieties of apples grown world wide, 
             but only 2,500 grown in the United States.

            *Peoples Republic of China is the largest producers of apples, 
             followed by the United States.  Washington State produces the 
             largest amount of apples in the United States.


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